Phone photography 101

Many people think that it takes a $500 camera to take the perfect shot when really, the perfect photograph is based off the photographer more than the camera. I believe anyone can become a photographer if they really wanted to and without all the expenses. In my experience, I have never owned a high quality camera and all my photographs come from my own phone. Today people believe that taking pictures from your phone does not make you a photography master but they don’t seem to realize that not everyone has enough to buy a high end camera. I enjoy capturing memories and I don’t think that I need a Canon EOS 1200D (whatever that means) to do it. Above I laid out a couple of the images I’ve taken from my iPhone 6 so you can see that you yourself can create such images.

To help you start off on your way to capturing moments, here are some tips that have helped me improve with my camera.

phone addict.gif

  • Become one with the camera 

Most of you probably have this tip down pact since we all know our phones are our lives. But, it’s pretty obvious that you have to know the equipment you’re working with and that includes the camera. Each smartphone has a camera with different settings. Whether it is a filter or red eye corrector, they all have features. You have to explore all these features in order to know when would be the right time to use one when taking a photo.




Now, we start to get real. It’s life or death when it comes to this tip and is a complete must in your photos. Lighting. Everyone and their mother knows how important lighting is in a photograph. No one wants to see a picture too dark to see anything or anyone in it. So when taking your photo, make sure that lighting is A1. If you’re in the dark, turn on the flash or use someone else’s phone flashlight for lighting because lets be real here, we’ve all done it. When you’re out in daylight, take the photo with the sun facing the figure or area you want to capture. But remember, the sun can be a pain in the booty when it’s all up on your face so beware.


  • It’s all about the angles baby

Catching a good angle is key in photo taking. I know a good angle is one of the first things I notice when I see a picture on my feed or online. My best friend always tells me I’m her personal photographer because I’m one of those friends that will drop down to the floor to get you that perfect angle. It’s always good to see different angles in your photos especially if you plan to take photography seriously because it can get you noticed by other photographers or companies. It’ll show them that you can work with any angle that gets thrown at you.

  • Anything serves as a prop

When taking a photo, there is always a background or something you can use to add more flavor to your image. Whether it’s a plain white backdrop or a garden of flowers, you can use any element to enhance your photograph. The first thing that comes to my mind when I’m thinking of taking pictures is the background. Do I want a your typical color background or do I want something with a little more flare. Aesthetics vary between people so depending on what your style is, you can choose your background. Now when it comes to props, almost anything can be incorporated. Whether it’s a pot of flowers or a simple chair, you can bring in objects and make your photograph twice as appealing.

I hope these tips helped you improve with your photos! Here are some of the photographs I’ve taken using all these tips during my trip in Tocaima, Colombia.





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