Pre-Travel Journal: 02/27-03/04

As some may know, I will be flying over to Puerto Rico for Spring Break with my best friend Cristina. My laziness towards school is at an all time high and I don’t want to be worrying about assignments on my vacation from reality. Therefore, this girl right here has been doing a whole extra week worth of work in order to be homework free. Since this blog really has no exact theme or set subject, I’m just going to try this whole journal thing out and write each day what happened.


MONDAY 02/27 :

Mondays are the worse. No one can argue with me on that because it’s true. Monday is the day everyone goes back into their school-zone after a weekend. Though most of my weekends don’t really consist of the many adventures I’d like them to have, my sleeping schedule doesn’t do me any justice on this day. At 6:45am my alarm went off and it took me around 15 minutes to drag my body out of bed. This is probably the most devastating feeling I’ll ever have to experience in my life. Once I got to school, my art professor closed our online paper assignment and assigned a new one for next class with a quiz. Fun right? During the 3 hour break between classes I got some food and started to study in the library. If any of this sounds extremely boring to you, believe me it was. My english class is probably my favorite class at the moment, my professor is actually the best and really makes the course go by smooth and simple. It’s definitely a plus that she makes the class even more enjoyable than I already believe it to be. My work for this class is to write my analysis of two quotes from two different fairytales that we’ve read in class. Mind you these fairytales are the original ones. So, you wouldn’t want your child anywhere near them. Only two classes today and I already feel overwhelmed.


TUESDAY 02/28:

Ahhh… my best and most favorite subject of all time, Math. Now math and I go way back around 14 years since I began school. We’ve had our ups and downs but we always seemed to make the relationship work. Until recently at least. It’s always an emotional  rollercoaster whenever I work on the class online. I get the problem right and I get happy and next thing you know, I get the next two wrong which ticks me off. Though I’ll never understand why we have requirements for so many different categories of math. I’ll probably only ever use adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The others seem pointless. So, this week for math we have a test on Thursday and four homework assignments to finish before. Fun isn’t it? I attended my Public Speaking class afterwards where we just went over the speech we have to be ready for after spring break. All this just keeps adding on to the pile of work I must do before my trip. This week is already making me crazy.



There is no other way to start this than saying Happy Birthday to this lemon head. 23 is definitely doing him right because just look at him. This man is so damn successful and talented that I really can’t fit everything into one paragraph (low key foreshadowing a Bieber blogpost.) Anyways, today is my art quiz day and a regular english class since we are only working on the quote analysis until after break. I was glad about getting art out of the way until after break but that professor certainly knows how to make a class work. My close friend Nida and I leave english early since it was an optional class today and we got all that we needed. A little time was able to be used to do some spring break shopping before going home so I went to use what was left of my gift card to get some beachy clothes. Getting home its back to the books and brain frying as I do some hardcore math studying before tomorrows test. For most of the night I really couldn’t sleep but no morning class was scheduled so I was able to sleep in a bit. Tomorrow, one of the piles will be finished. Let’s just hope I finish it well though.



Today was the day and I cannot stress enough how nervous but slightly confident I was about this math test. Now excuse my french but I’ve studied my ass off for this test and with math I never know what’ll happen. The only class I had today was english and we got to leave early so I decided to get some extra studying in before the test. As soon as I finished the last homework assignment, I mentally prepared myself and entered my “math mode”.  Moments after leaving the testing center I started to feel pretty confident. The test included 20 questions of basic factoring and I didn’t touch my calculator once! Okay I did but strictly for basic two plus two type of stuff. I was glad that I got to get the hardest and most stressful part of the work done so I can focus on the easy stuff. My strong suit is english with essay writing and such. It always comes out easy for me and I enjoy it sometimes. When it’s time for bed I start to read a Everything, everything by Nicola Yoon. Some of you have probably seen the preview for the movie based on this book with the ever so handsome Nick Robinson. I’ve seen most of this films so when I saw the preview, I already knew it was going to be my favorite for a while. Thing with me is that I like to read the books before the movie so I got pretty excited when I saw the book. This book was so good, I stayed up until around 4 in the morning reading. I never realized it was so late until I actually started to get tired. Halfway through, I closed it and just knocked out.


FRIDAY 03/03:

Since I don’t have any class today, my emotions towards it finally being Friday aren’t the same as it was back in high school. It’s always a chill day for me since I can sleep late and just relax but this week it’s just been work work work work work work (see what I did there?) Tonight I will be taking care of my adorable niece and nephew for the night with my mother so during the day, I went ahead and started packing for the trip. Every piece of clothing that has any tropical feel to it was getting packed. I would say my aesthetic is mix of tropical with city life. There are moments where I can love the idea of living in the city with fashion everywhere I turn and owning all designers clothes. But other times I see myself living by the beach, with palm tress and coconuts everywhere I turn and my closet being filled with all things boho. Theres a huge difference between them but I see myself as a mix of both. So for this trip, I’m packing differently then how I would pack for Paris. Late afternoon arrives so my mother and I get ready to basically spend the night at my sister Julie’s house. I barely see the kids and I wanted to spend some time with my mom before leaving her for a week because I know how nervous she must be letting her baby fly without her. Same thing with my father, I don’t think he has realized that I am actually going because he really hasn’t shown any of the signs my mom has. I guess we’ll see when the moment comes. When we arrive at Julie’s, the kids show their usual amount of excited emotions which makes anyone with a heart melt inside and I set my bag on the sofa. Though I was planning to get some of my essay done tonight, I was busy with the kids. I decided since the essay is pretty simple, I’ll leave it for tomorrow and spend more time with the kids. I’m typing this on Saturday now because I really did close this down with the exception of playing a movie for them on Netflix. But yesterday was pretty fun and I was happy to spend some time with my little munchkins.




This is going to be really short and brief. All I’m doing today is finishing my essay and leaving my speech at least halfway done. When it comes to packing, I’m almost finished but need to wash some clothes and pack my essentials which does not include my laptop. Mainly because I wouldn’t really be using it while on the trip. Most days I’ll probably be outside enjoying the island with my best friend so there will not be any time to sit down and just surf the web. Meaning, there will not be a Sunday journal for this week since by the time the day starts, I will already be there. During the trip I will be trying to vlog. Now I have never done this so if it were to happen, I can’t promise it to be the best vlog you’ve seen. But I know it’s something that I have been wanting to do and thought that this trip could be the perfect start. Obviously, there will be moments where I will have no phone or camera around me as I’m trying to actually take all the scenery in without distractions. I will be posting on here through my phone when the day is finished but there will probably just be a travel journal of the week like this one. Therefore, I hope you are as excited to see the island through me as I am about experiencing it. This trip is a big deal for me since it is my first time flying independently out of state and I am really excited to see how my trip turns out. LESS THAN A DAY UNTIL IM ON THE PLANE SO DON’T THINK IM NOT FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW.








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