Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Note: Possible spoilers if you plan to watch the film!



You know a book is good when you can’t find yourself putting it down. In days you’ve finished reading it because it was just that interesting. In two days I have finished this book and have now become even more excited for the film. Everything, Everything takes you to another world and makes you feel like you were a part of it. It made me feel various emotions that caused me to completely fall in love with these characters and what they fought for. This book may be romantic but I think of it to be much more than that. It’s a book about finding yourself in the world and learning to take risks no matter what the consequences may be. I believe anyone can relate to this book and I highly recommended you read it. Nicola Yoon and the illustrator of this breathtaking book, David Yoon, receive 5 stars from me.



  • Snorkel with me (Madeline) off Molokini to spot the Hawaiian state fish – the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.
  • A visit with me (Madeline) to a used-book store.
  • Me (Madeline). “

(Yoon, Everything, Everything 306)


The book tells of a girl named Madeline Whitter who due to her “bubble baby disease” has not left her house for 17 years. She is allergic to the outside world and basically lives her whole life inside the protection of her home that is surrounded by a number of equipment that keep the air inside clean and away from the air outside. Maddy is always in the care of either her mother Pauline or her nurse Carla. Her father and brother passed away in an accident not too long after she was diagnosed. Maddy finds herself slowly becoming more eager to leave the house after an encounter with the new neighbor’s son, Olly, who helps her open her mind to the outside world. It comes to the point where the two fall in love and Maddy starts breaking all the rules in order to be free from the enclosure of her home. The love that goes on between Maddy and Olly is probably the purest love I can imagine. I found myself re-reading special moments like their first messages to their first kiss because the hopeless romantic in me couldn’t get enough. Maddy refuses to be kept away from a life she could have and becomes willing to risk her entire life in order to be outside for just a few days. After running away with Olly to Hawaii and spending an unforgettable few days, Maddy wakes up back home a bit early due to a respiratory issue that caused her to black out and lose oxygen. Maddy shuts down all contact with Olly though Olly refuses and keeps sending her messages only for them to be ignored. This is when after a while, she discovers that she is indeed not sick. Her mother had diagnosed Maddy herself after many situations where Maddy would get ill as a child in order to keep her close since she did not want to lose her daughter like she lost her husband and son. Reading on you find Pauline losing the trust of her daughter and her trying to gain it back many times. Maddy later on decides to go to New York where Olly had moved to so she could get away for a while. After contacting him to meet her in a library, she hides herself and sticks “The Little Prince”  in an aisle where he would eventually find it and be rewarded the gift of Maddy.



You guys I seriously cannot wait for this film to come. I already know it is going to bring me to tears and I am going to love Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg even more. They are the perfect actors for the main roles and I am so ready to see them play Maddy and Olly.  May 19th needs to hurry up!!!



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