Life Update :)


     Wow, I really haven’t been on here lately..

First things first, I just want to apologize for my absence. Things have just been so messy & I’ve been busy with other stuff.

So to update anyone reading this,

I recently finished my first year of college!



I started my summer class & well hopefully things go well. It’s a math class that I just really want to get out of the way so I won’t have to worry about a math class next spring semester.

BUT aside from my class, I am working at Hollister & also looking to get a second job for the summer. Hollister so far has been great & I love the chill vibes that are given there. My managers are A1.

I applied to AMC because who wouldn’t want to get some free movie tickets ya feelz?

Let’s see what else…..

OH I posted Cristina & I’s first YouTube video on our collab channel! It went pretty bad for me because I got messier than her. BUT I also posted on my main channel me reacting to old facebook posts of mine from 7th grade… Dude it was so bad.

facebook thumbnail 2

How did I have friends?

Just yesterday I returned from my first cruise to the Bahamas… It was dope. Like really though cruises have so much to do inside I felt like I was at a theme park. These people had clubs for all different age groups and freaking karaoke every night.

K A R A O K E.


even though I didn’t have the balls to go up and sing

I still loved watching everyone else pour out their heart into a song. It was pretty life changing of you ask me.

I also ate a lot of food and made Cristina take artsy photos of me because I can HAHA.

There were these cute guys too (one was a guest & the other was crew) & we would just admire their existence together. I fell for the guest & tina was drooling over the crew guy he. They had no idea but hey, a girl can dream right?

Since I am a complete wuss when it comes to talking to cute strangers, I merely exchanged a few glances with the guest since clearly he noticed me too. Later after we were leaving the boat to go to the island, we ended up sharing a taxi since most were being shared anyways & he was sitting behind me.


But even with the opportunity there, ya girl didn’t take it. He was Colombian too…. isn’t that just great?


Long sad story short, I’m never seeing him again.

Overall cruise was dope as I mentioned before & yeah, thats that.

Now I am currently typing this up spontaneously in my bed at exactly 1:00AM because I just couldn’t get my eyeballs to stay closed and my brain to shut down for the night.

Whoever is watching this should definitely go and subscribe to my YouTube channel hehe.

Link in Instagram & Twitter Bio!



That’ll just make my little heart swoon if you would do me that great favor.

I promise you’ll like my content & if not, let me know what you’re interested in watching & I will somehow create a video revolving that idea.


Hope this post didn’t suck too bad


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